You are more than your

Ever feel like a bundle of technical skills?

Don't just check progamming language boxes, tell people about all of the technical and non-technical skills that you use to build software.

Fizbuz helps you build your professional brand and your professional network, so that when it's time for something new, you're ready to go.

Tired of getting spammed by recruiters?

Recruiting agencies charge a 15-30% finder's fee to land an engineer, so it's clear why they're motivated to weaponize email.

When you are ready to see what's out there, we will help you find highly relevant job opportunities. If you'd like to learn more, we will connect directly to the hiring manager for an introductory conversation. We believe in building relationships, not executing hiring transactions.

I've always said that GitHub is not my resume and not a accurate representation of _me_ and all the things I do. @FizBuzHQ is great example of that and it's awesome. 😎

— Jess DenVahhhhhh West (@jessicaewest) April 23, 2018

Wish you could easily connect with other devs?

We are building a safe, inclusive and recruiter-free professional networking site for all kinds of developers.

Whether you're a junior developer just starting out or a veteran of this industry, Fizbuz is the place where developers can connect with one another in order to find mentors, team up on projects or see who else is going to your favorite conference later this year.

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